Hypericum Infused Oil - St Johns Wort


Botanical Name: Hypericum perforatum
Geographic Origin: Macedonia
Part of Plant: Flowers

Properties: This herb is renowned for its legendary magical properties. Reduces inflammation, relieves pain caused by injuries, relieves burn pain, relieves swollen joints, reduce muscle cramps. Can be used for any nerve pain and shingles especially post herpetic neuralgia. The herb has proven antidepressive and sedative effect.

Method of extraction: Infusion (flowers in extra virgin olive oil) for 6 weeks.

Hypericum Infused Oil is a very healthy choice. It is commonly known as St John's Wort. We use only the flowers of the herb to make this oil. Our special infusion process creates a ruby deep red color due to its hypericin content. Hypericum Oil is used in the treatment of inflamed, irritated skin conditions, for burns and bruises, and for wound healing.

Infused Oils, such as Hypericum, are made by macerating plant material in a fixed oil, typically a vegetable oil such as Olive Oil, Soya Bean Oil, Almond Sweet Pure Oil, Coconut Oil or other vegetable oils. The plant material is then strained and filtered out of the preparation. The resulting oil can be used directly on the skin or incorporated into creams, ointments or treatment oil blends. Also, each can be used as ingredient in Fragrance Free, low-allergy Base Products, including Shampoo, Conditioner, Moisturizer, Cleansing Lotion and Shower & Bath Gel.