Stuffed peppers

  • Rodeo peppers filled with cottage cheese or tuna fish
  • Small onions filled with cottage cheese or tuna fish

From the best selection of crops from Macedonian fields we create products with delicious taste, which will satisfy even the most fastidious. Can serve as an appetizer, as a meal or as an addition to other dishes.

Relish from roasted eggplants

Relish from roasted eggplants - excellent as salad, addition to meat meals or as main meal.



Roasted peeled peppers

DSC 0069 1 This is a perfect selection of high quality red peppers - roasted, carefully peeled off and freshly preserved. Peppers are ready to be used as a salad or as a tasty addition to your meals.

Garden Salad

Garden salad is produced from selected sorts of vegetables and has a specific, pleasant, mildly sour taste. It can be eaten throughout the year. It can serve as a salad or relish to all types of roast and grilled meat or fish, as well as to accompany other meat and vegetable dishes.
Manufactured from several kinds of vegetables whose combination of color and flavor will certainly satisfy the lovers of natural and ambrosial food.
Ingredients: red peppers, tomatoes, beans, peas, sour cucumbers, carrots, vegetable oil, vinegar, sugar, salt, black pepper.



DSC 0018 Ljutenica is a national relish of Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia.
The ingredients include peppers, tomatoes, garlic, parsley, hot peppers, vegetable oil, vinegar, sugar and salt.

Ajvar- pepper caviar

Ajvar is one of the tastiest specialties and the biggest secret of Balkan cuisine. Ajvar (from turkish havyar, which means "salted roe, caviar") is kind of relish, made of roasted red peppers (in hot or mild versions). Eggplant is the best supplement to the traditional ajvar.
BON VIVEUR ajvar as original homemade ajvar is made of roasted peppers, while some producers use cooked peppers, which leads to a poor taste.
The BON VIVEUR ajvar is prepared according the homemade traditional technology, as only the manual peeling and seed removal ensures clear taste without slightly bitter influence of the pepper skin.